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Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Estonia

Estonians have offered their help and made donations to support Ukrainian war refugees. Many in Canada know what it means to be a refugee from war and military occupation. In 1944, over 80,000 Estonians fled the country, hoping to return. Shockingly, we now find Ukrainians in a similar situation.

Estonia has received between 25,000 to 30,000 Ukrainian war refugees to date, 40% of whom are children. About 20,000 of these refugees have decided to stay in Estonia for the foreseeable future. These refugees need safe, long-term housing, help in adjusting to life in Estonia and much more.

It is wonderful to see such overwhelming support for the EERO Ukrainian Refugee Fund from so many individuals and families, and from the following organizations:

  • The Toronto Estonian Baptist Church

  • Ööbik, the Academic Societies’ Choir in Toronto

  • Northern Birch Credit Union (which waived banking fees for transfers to Estonia)

Over 100,000 euros have been raised by EERO to date and delivered to the Estonian Refugee Council (Eesti pagulasabi) which is helping Ukrainian refugees in the following 5 areas:

  • Financial aid for children’s education: provided to families with children– to enable them to start school, without cutting into their subsistence allowance

  • Mental health support: always part of Eesti pagulasabi’s service and includes trauma therapy, provided to both adult and child refugees individually and in groups

  • Advice and counseling: via telephone and email, as well as in person, in its Tallinn office

  • Long-term housing: Eesti pagulasabi serves as the intermediary for offers of housing to the war refugees

  • Support groups: Eesti pagulasabi has developed information sessions on specific themes–work, children and school/daycare, adjustment, mental health and practical digital/e-skills, which are being delivered across Estonia

Funds from the EERO Ukrainian Refugee Fund are directed primarily towards children and mental health support, which includes trauma therapy. Your donation is tax deductible, greatly appreciated and goes to use within days, thanks to modern technology and dedicated staff. None of the money donated to EERO or the EERO Ukrainian Refugee Fund is used for salaries, either in Canada or Estonia.

We thank you for continuing to donate through our website, via e-transfer or by cheque: to EERO Ukrainian Refugees, 17 Tufton Crescent, Toronto, Ont. M4A 2E2

Donations by credit card or PayPal can be made on the EERO donation page at Canada Helps. These donations receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps, who transfers the donations to the EERO Ukrainian Refugee Fund weekly. Link:

Stay tuned for more news shortly.

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