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Childrens Fund Update Nov 2023

The main objectives of the EERO Canada Children's Fund are:

·         to support children in families who are struggling to cope;

·         to provide them and their mothers with mental, physical and school support;


working with Estonian women's shelters, who know best which needs are more critical the fund has helped 73 women and 158 children in 2023. This money is mainly for essential supplies, food, and mental health therapy and transportation costs that are related to therapy–for their children and mothers who have experienced severe mental and/or physical violence and need help dealing with these traumas. 

Your donations will help mothers and children cope and live a safe life. Almost one in five Estonian children (about 63,000 children) lives in poverty. The war in Ukraine has resulted in an energy crisis, and the prices of goods and services have skyrocketed. With the support of the Estonian Relief Committee and EERO Canada, the quality of life for many children will be improved, as strengthening the mental health of mothers will help keep their jobs, as well as take note of the needs and well-being of their children.  Children's mental health also suffers and with the help of creative therapy they learn how to solve problems. Reports show that we were able to help with psychological therapy, food, school supplies, or group therapy.

Mari Ann Tammark EERO Canada and Margo Orupõld Pärnu Women’s Support Center

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