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EERO Canada donations dropped in 2023 to $133,922.CAD, primarily because of the drop in donations for Ukrainian refugees.  Unfortunately the war continues and therefore the needs continue.  Estonia has increased its military budget and continues to support Ukraine.  Canada also continues to support Ukraine.  Hopefully Canadian Estonians and their friends and families will continue to support the Ukrainian refugees in Estonia by supporting our Independence Day campaign to raise money to support trauma therapy and children’s activities.


There are 86,000 charities in Canada and based on CRA data, 56% have revenues less than $200,000.  A recent Bloomberg study found that 67% of revenue for larger charities is from government sources (federal, provincial and municipal).  For example, over 75% of revenue for hospitals is from government.  Canada Helps' The Giving Report 2023 found that the overall percentage of people who donated to charities dropped to 28 per cent from 36 per cent between 2010 and 2022.




$     133,922


Designated Recipient

CAD$ y/e


TalTech Stipend

$      6,500


EERO Children’s Fund *

 $        9,375

* Parnu requested 7,000 euros, the US Estonian Relief Committee granted 2,753 euros & EERO Canada granted 3,000 euros.  Additional funds to be dispursed in 2024 to Pärnu ja Saaremaa


ERSO (Estonian Symphony Orchestra)

$      58,136


Parnu Music Festival

 $      36,335


Other Funds / Nondesignated**


 $        7,850

** Other Funds: Cancer Treatment, Patarei ja Children’s hospital, combined with undesignated donations.

Ukrainian Refugee Fund***

 $      15,726

*** Donations to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund dropped significantly


Although donations to Ukrainian Refugees declined it still received 11.7% of donations, and we hope to transfer a substantial amount in March to support trauma therapy and children’s programs.

The continued support for ERSO (Estonian National Symphony) is for the purchase of string instruments, and this year the money was used for the purchase of a cello from Germany and a contrabass that is currently on order from Germany.  Support for ERSO and the Parnu Music Festival account for 70.5% of donations.  This support of the Parnu Music Festival is much appreciated by Neeme and Paavo Jarvi, who have worked to grow the festival audience from several hundred to several thousand.  Each year they invite upcoming Estonian stars to "training camp" for 3 weeks.  The training camp includes sessions for conductors, string and brass sections.  Both the training camp and the festival have gained prestige throughout Europe and are again planned for July 2024. 


The Children’s Fund is used to support Estonian children, who need assistance due to circumstances, physical, emotional or mental traumas and was supported by 7% of donations.  These situations may be related to health, education or community challenges.  We received funding requests from the Parnu and Saaremaa Women's Support Centers, but have only been able to support Parnu to date.  The Estonian Relief Committee in NYC has continued to support our efforts and sent Parnu 3,000 USD and together with EERO Canada donations, we have been able to support most of the need in Parnu.  We received more donations at the end of December and following their next quarterly report will transfer this to Parnu, and some funds to Saaremaa.


EERO 2023 TalTech Scholarship applicants were reviewed by Christina Luik, who drafted a summary and scored the candidates.  The results were confirmed by the Board of Directors and this year approved 2 scholarships:

1. Silver Vahtsein from Saaremaa, who is studying Electroenergy and Mechanics.  He is on the TalTech Formula Student Team Estonia and a Sailing instructor.

2. Erik Vain from Tallinn, who studies Product Development and Robotics and is the President of the MTÜ Engineering Students Association.


Other activities in 2023 include the sponsorship of Vabariigi aastapäev in Toronto, meetings in Estonia with key contacts at TalTech, Pagulasabi, the Ministry of Culture, ERSO, Parnu Music Festival, and Parnu Womens Support Center.  We discussed funding, upcoming priorities and needs, fundraising and potential events.


Although several projects have been considered, not every proposal is financially viable.  All projects require a legal contract to be in place to ensure that EERO Canada reporting and compliance requirements are fulfilled, and that recipients know their obligations.  Our focus continues to be supporting the changing needs in Estonia and honoring the wishes of our donors.  Tax receipts for 2023 were distributed in early February 2024, and we again sponsored the TES Vabariigi aastapäev in Toronto.

Many thanks for your ongoing support, and may next year be better for everyone.


EERO Eesti Lastefondi peamised eesmärgid on: toetada lapsi peredes, kellel on raskusi toimetulekuga;  pakkuda neile ja nende emadele vaimset, füüsilist ja koolialast tuge;   koostöös Eesti naiste varjupaikadega, kes teavad kõige paremini, millised vajadused on kriitilisemad, on fond 2023. aastal aidanud 73 naist ja 158 last. See raha on peamiselt mõeldud oluliste tarvikute, toidu ja vaimse tervise teraapia ning transpordikulude jaoks, mis on seotud teraapiaga - nende lastele ja emadele, kes on kogenud tõsist vaimset ja / või füüsilist vägivalda ning vajavad abi nende traumadega toimetulekul.

Teie annetused aitavad emadel ja lastel toime tulla ja elada turvalist elu. Peaaegu iga viies laps Eestis (umbes 63 000 last) elab vaesuses. Ukraina sõda on põhjustanud energiakriisi ning kaupade ja teenuste hinnad on hüppeliselt tõusnud. Eesti abistamiskomitee USAs ja EERO Kanada toel paraneb paljude laste elukvaliteet, kuna emade vaimse tervise tugevdamine aitab säilitada nende töökohti ning arvestada nende laste vajaduste ja heaoluga.  Samuti kannatab laste vaimne tervis ja loomingulise teraapia abil õpivad nad probleeme lahendama. Aruanded näitavad, et suutsime aidata psühholoogilise teraapia, toidu, koolitarvete või grupiteraapiaga.

Mari Ann Tammark EERO Canada and Margo Orupõld Pärnu naistetugikeskus

The main objectives of the EERO Canada Children's Fund are:

·         to support children in families who are struggling to cope;

·         to provide them and their mothers with mental, physical and school support;


working with Estonian women's shelters, who know best which needs are more critical the fund has helped 73 women and 158 children in 2023. This money is mainly for essential supplies, food, and mental health therapy and transportation costs that are related to therapy–for their children and mothers who have experienced severe mental and/or physical violence and need help dealing with these traumas. 

Your donations will help mothers and children cope and live a safe life. Almost one in five Estonian children (about 63,000 children) lives in poverty. The war in Ukraine has resulted in an energy crisis, and the prices of goods and services have skyrocketed. With the support of the Estonian Relief Committee and EERO Canada, the quality of life for many children will be improved, as strengthening the mental health of mothers will help keep their jobs, as well as take note of the needs and well-being of their children.  Children's mental health also suffers and with the help of creative therapy they learn how to solve problems. Reports show that we were able to help with psychological therapy, food, school supplies, or group therapy.

Mari Ann Tammark EERO Canada and Margo Orupõld Pärnu Women’s Support Center

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