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EERO Ukrainian Refugee Fund Update

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ukrainian refugee children at summer camp

Ukrainian refugees in Estonia will face difficult challenges as winter approaches. Daily necessities such as food, heating and electricity costs continue to increase. Many of the refugees have jobs and long-term accommodation, but they worry about both the war in Ukraine and their need to cover expenses. The number of refugees in Estonia has increased by 50% from 40,000 in the spring to about 60,000 in September.

Thanks to the generosity of Canadian Estonians and their friends, to date EERO has sent MTÜ Pagulasabi 260,000 euros to assist Ukrainian refugees in Estonia. The money has been used as follows:

1. Year to date, EERO has provided 136,600 funding for education support of 2,732 children. There are currently 600 new applications under review.

2. During the summer months, children who were identified in schools and by social workers as needing additional help dealing with trauma attended overnight camps staffed with crisis workers and counsellors. EERO provided 36,400 euros to support these camps, as well as a day camp in Tallinn.

3. Mental wellbeing support groups continue to expand their services in Estonia outside of Tallinn. EERO supports these groups at a cost of 56,339 euros. This includes training of additional staff for future sessions.

Unfortunately, the war continues and the number of Ukrainian refugees in Estonia continues to grow. The balance remaining for mental wellbeing support is 53,000 (226,000 euros donated by EERO less 173,000 euros for education and camp support). In order to continue to cover the current mental wellbeing initiatives and our education support, EERO estimates we will need additional donations from the community. We are asking for $50,000 CAD to continue the work that has helped so many.

Thank you for your continued support.

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