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Celebrating over 30 years, since its inception EERO has supported health, educational and community needs in Estonia.

EERO is a registered Canadian charity focusing on the needs in Estonia. Activities and finances are reviewed at the annual meeting of members and by the Board of Directors. In addition, as a registered charity both activity and finances are reviewed by the CRA annually. The current Board of Directors includes: Kaupo Kallemaa, Laas Leivat, Arne Luik, Ene Christina Luik, Mart Pikkov and Mari Ann Tammark.  

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EERO has operated as a registered Canadian charity since 1990 

It has donated much-needed equipment, drugs and training for medical and dental assistance, supported Estonian schools with computers, school supplies, scholarships and staff training, as well as donated funds to support medical, educational and community needs in excess of over $3.2 million as of 2022.

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